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Mazda RXX by agorkemakkaya Mazda RXX by agorkemakkaya

My first Car designing exam and I'm waiting for the result, actually I get the perfect feedback from my friends but also your good comments are welcome!

Why this is RXX?
Because this is a Future Scenario Project,for 2030-2040. so in 1 year my guess is Mazda Rx-9 is going to come and it is going to be like the Mazda Shinari concept.
So I Prefer to make a car that is next design idea of "soul of motion",and Designing Mazda is drawing your emotions,and making it different with futuristic touches.

so this will be a "future in the motion", I think. Because we have enough technology to make a mobile houses-more than a caravan-,and for this reason roads and cars should be available for more sport this 3D's max render taillights are blue and it means "careful,I'm in the speeddrive mode!I. Am. FAST!"

Speeddrive is a new revolution for transportation.The road will be more smooth and able drivers to go really fast to travel between countries in a day,maximum.not just cities. this SpeedDriveRoad(SDR) also helps and controls your car to go faster than 500 km/h(this is my target speed for all cars,not just for this one).

You will control the car by a lens, because in the future all secondary things are integrated to human body(NOT SKIN) and works by human's bio-electric and rhythmic energy( like a phone,television etc.). so you need windows just for look to the outside and for beauty of the nature. Just because of this this car has much simple interior and it has a new Renesis Photon Engine(still working on it but it uses photons as I said) with a really huge powered but tiny engine that is in front of the car,same as previous RX series. But this is just for speeding. RXX has another engine that is for general use of the car,one engineered hub engine,in the middle of the rear axis, is activated when Speeddrive detects when you are not in the SDR.But it is also active in SDR, but you will use it like F-1 KERS system for necessary conditions.the maximum speed for hub engine is 120 km/h because it is not good to get pass lots of mobile houses in this speed because they are not going to be cheap( same as today's house prices) and they are not for speeding.


Regards to previous RX and concept cars RXX is a mix of RX-7 FD3S,RX-8 2005 and the Shinari concept. and it still uses Renesis Rotary Engine's piston form on the inside and the outside because of it's new engine system. It "looks" higher than all of predecessor cars, it's height is same as RX-8(1300mm). It's all about the new aerodynamic system based on simple aerodynamic rules and the new trend of human which is integrated human devices. I want rear view almost like RX-7 but more futuristic. for the front, it is like Mazda RX-8 but more like Shinari. by doing this, even in 2030, you can say this car belongs to Mazda(but it is my design of course :))

I can tell more details if you want. Hope you like it!
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Grox-12 Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Awesome!!! I love this color!
agorkemakkaya Featured By Owner May 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
"marine white". I found it! :P thank you!
deltoiddesign Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013
This is awesome!Congrats mate.
manaista Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Zoom zoom" in all its essence!
Magnificent work!
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January 8, 2013
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